Why Join!

Elections are being challenged by many states. This website provides information, resources and tools for the voter. Also voter validation is very important before election date and if any incorrect information on the voter record allows time before deadline for correction.

The Association voting ONLINE is designed for the Community UNITY Solutions Association members.  The Association is a Grass Root Coalition that was developed ONLY to decide on one (1) candidate per category. Community Unity Solutions Grass Root Coalition process allows you as an ordinary individual to decide and vote online and to see the results developed online.  This will be the community and your community candidate representing our REAL issues. This ONLINE process is open 24 hours and 7 days a week, however, this process shall close within 60 days before the official election day.

The main objective is to recommend our Community UNITY Solutions Grass Root Coalition candidates and are based on the results of the ONLINE process in order to select one (1) candidate. This is your time, your opportunity to select your next VOICE to become your next legislator!  Get engaged!