We are pleased to invite you to establish a local State chapter of Unity Solutions in your area. Chapter development unites the applied local community in a common purpose and enables the profession to advance its goals in a meaningful, and powerful, direction.

Unity Solutions' network of affiliate Chapters provides a gathering place for education, roundtable discussion, conversation and problem solving at the state and national level. Unity Solutions helps its Chapters get started by providing a Formation Guide that explains the progressive process of chapter formation requirements to begin formal recognition as a Chapter.

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Affiliate Chapters of Unity Solutions benefit from direct access to:

  • Advocacy on State and Federal level
  • Established a National Cost Savings for the members
  • An accredited formally recognized Certification Program.
  • Rebates and revenue sharing opportunities to support Chapter education, certification, and networking events at the local level.
  • Assistance in recruiting speakers on purchasing related topics.
  • Member prospect listings and mailing labels.
  • Promotional/marketing materials.
  • Maximum opportunities to link and co-market Chapter events on the National's award-winning web site.
  • Access to low or no-cost legal consulting and incorporation services.
  • Discount and / or No Cost services for the membership such as Coupon Marketing, Call Center resources, Internet, Merchant processing, Telecommunication, and etc.
  • Established award criteria and recognition programs.
  • Leadership/skills training.
  • Unity Solutions Chapters shall have the right for its Chapter President to cast one vote on behalf of their Chapter on any matter brought before the Unity Solutions.
  • Established, uniform domestic and internationally accepted programs and services intended for promoting public purchasing excellence, effectiveness and increasing the public trust.

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