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UNITY Solutions (US)

We offer ONE Candidate with ONE Voice

Innovative voting solutions for modern times.

We provide professional classes and training on being the best voter you can be!
The Community UNITY Solutions (US) aims to increase voter participation in the 50 States through education and registration.
The Vision of Community UNITY Solutions (US) is the fulfillment of voting rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

How can you help?

Many have expressed concern about voter suppression and have joined Community UNITY Solutions (US) to increase voter education, registration and participation.  We are asking for a donation of at least $50 for you to become a State Charter Member and be listed among the initial supporters.  Your donation will provide resources to maintain the website and implement programs and strategies that increase voter participation across the States.  Click the button below to make a donation and join Unity Solutions as a Charter Member.  Thank you in advance for your support!
Innovative voting solutions for modern times.

Voter Registration

While you cannot register to vote on our site, we offer links to your election commisson office to complete the process.