Candidate Services Detail Description Page



Community Feedback

These are questions collected and asked to potential candidates. It will assist the Voter in measuring the best candidate for his/her community.

Voter Validation

This is the Voter profile telephone verification confirmation. 

Communication with Voters

Forums/Debate Public setting Tea/Coke networking with Voters Direct Communication with Voters Church visits. Outings Corporations/Small Businesses Note: Attendance may include "TEAM ATTENDANCE" Events/Communication

Candidate Website Development *

Candidate Website Page

Candidate Website Hosting *

Candidate Website Hosting services

PAID Poll Workers

PAID Poll Workers by to monitor the location process on behalf of the community and to give approved Endorsed Ballots to Voters

Ballot Recommendations *

One (1) endorsement that includes all Endorsed Candidate. These candidates are from a system process which was controlled by the community. The mission is to endorsed a consensus candidate per office.

Yard Signs

Community Support signs.

Discounts & Incentives

Membership discounts on the community products and services. For example, a restaurant may offer a member 15% off on their meal.


These are candidates that have completed the requirements. They are also have been selected by our affiliate professional trade associations, community trade associations and selected by the community based upon a percentage grading system.

TV Commercials *

Commercials for Endorsed Candidates

Bill Boards Advertising

Bill Boards advertising for Endorsed Candidates.

Legal Support Services

Legal support services that have been retained in event of election irregularities.